Maps and distances
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Useful / Emergency phone numbers

Pharmacy 2810-811125
Community Clinic 2810-811712
Medical Assistance(Kaza-Med) 2810-812099
Dr. Ilias Kazantzis Mob. 6932-686811
Medical Center of Crete 2810-811825
Police station (Aghia Pelagia) 2810-841298
Taxi station (Aghia Pelagia) 2810-811026

Please click here, for further information on the road distances, on the island of Crete.


You will need to have a map of Crete to understand the directions I will give you below. 1) Coming out of the airport by car, there is a big avenue spreading in front of you, direction south, that will lead you to the exit to the national road. 2)You follow that and in 300m you find the exit to your right (direction Chania) 3)Once you take the exit you find yourself in the national way and you keep straight all the way(direction Rethymnon and Chania). 4)This way brings you over the superbs of Heraklion and you keep straight all the way 5)After approximately 25 km and after you have passed the stiff turns that overlook Heraklion city to your right, you will find a sign pointing to Agia Pelagia. The exit is on your left hand side and you will need to be careful as you will need to cross the opposite current. 6)Once you do that you are now into the way to Aghia Pelagia. You come under a little bridge, you keep straight, you pass Hotel Panorama, you keep on and after a while you find a church to your right. You take the little way on its left and you keep on straight. The villas are beige in colour and there is a big green outside door on the outside.